Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering combines biology and engineering to address a variety of challenges in the healthcare field. Closing the gap between engineering, medicine and healthcare IT, Viewmed’s biomedical engineers are trained in multiple biomedical fields to assist healthcare facilities in any area they may need assistance. Our specialized clinical engineering department works hand in hand with our biomedical engineers to train and supervise our biomedical equipment technicians.

Viewmed’s Biomedical Engineers

Viewmed has the ability to use your facility’s pre-existing biomedical engineering tracking software or provide our own equipment management software that allows for easy export of all database information to the hospital. Viewmed’s event manager software can provide clinical equipment end of life estimates to be used as a guide in conjunction with manufacturer notifications. Should the equipment be critical to life support, Viewmed will often bring information to safety committee/EOC meetings. This software also allows for Internet Explorer based work order/service requests, and includes a portal for hospital managers to obtain equipment inventories should they choose to do so.

Our Three Step Biomedical Engineering Process

At Viewmed we apply a three-step process to our biomedical engineering and medical equipment repair approach. This process allows us to understand how your facility works and what needs you have to ensure that you receive the best service possible to keep your facility up-to-date and your employees working efficiently. We’ll establish accurate inventories of medical equipment and other relevant information while researching your specific equipment needs and creating a plan that fits your personnel and clinical engineers’ expectations.