Medical Data Backup

Viewmed offers medical data backup and storage to ensure that your data is protected. By using the Viewmed state-of-the-art back up system, you can ensure that your patient information is always recoverable and kept safe.

Information is continually backed up to our servers in London. Our offsite servers are protected, always safeguarding your information. If your servers ever fail or are destroyed we can send you your information on an external hard drive within one day’s time.

At Viewmed, we always work to keep your information protected and keep your facility running. Contact us or visit our Viewmed For Business site to get started with our offsite data backup services. Viewmed provides full data backup daily as part of our medical data solutions. Once your initial data backup is completed, only the changed files are backed up to ensure that information is accessible the next day.

Some medical facilities work with large databases, and back these up to tape locally. Often this process takes so long, that it cannot be completed nightly, and must wait until the weekend. If you are working with large files, Viewmed’s backup system will update only the portions that have been changed, ensuring your backups are completed on schedule.



Medical Data Services

Backing up your data is key to ensuring that your information is always accessible and never lost. Keeping that medical data secure is just as important. Viewmed will secure your data so that your facility has peace of mind in knowing that your valuable practice and patient data is protected at the highest level possible. Viewmed uses only encrypted transmission protocols to transfer your information to our servers. Once the data is on our servers, only authorized personnel from your staff are able to access it.